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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 23, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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[whimpering] megan. shh, shh, shh, shh. i'm ryan hardy with the fbi. i'm gonna get you out of here, but i need you to be quiet, ok? how many of them up there? i've seen 3. they're gonna kill me. [thud] they're crazy. you have to get me out of here right now. shh, shh, shh, shh. is there a boy upstairs? i don't know! get me out of hermmm!
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i will be right back. i promise you. [sobbing] hey. joey. remember me?
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i'm a friend of your mom's. she sent me to come take you home. paul: do not move.
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happy new year everyone. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. the year of the snake has arrived. we have highlights of the largest chinese new year's parade outside of asian. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. it is named one of the top 10 world parades. the parade dazzle the spectators of san francisco. john sasaki got a front seat to the parade and he join us now. >> reporter: the parade has been over for two hours and the clean up is well on the way. this lighting set is being
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broken down. and based on the smiles of people leaving the parade, it was another success. the weather could not have been nicer. >> just out here with family having a good time and celebrating chinese new year, the year of the snake. >> reporter: with such nice conditions. the huge crowd was fired up. >> reporter: mayor ed lee showed off. >> every year we get to show off the biggest parade in the world. this is like number 10 in the world. >> reporter: it was a night for marching bands including this one from uc davis. fireworks and floats some of the stars of the show were the smallest of performers including these youngsters from west portal school. >> we know little kids who are in the parade. i'm happy there are so many little ones, they are so cute. >> the youngsters were so
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excited about all they were seeing. >> it's so awesome because there's a big parade and a lot of people. >> reporter: the korean hit ganghan style got a lot of people on their feet. >> i think this is great for people who were born here, we're not so great with the culture so it's nice to have it all around us for one day. >> reporter: police told me the only serious problem they saw was an armed robbery but officers caught five juveniles and they said they recovered a weapon in that crime. live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. well if you missed the chinese new year parade don't worry. you can catch a secondarying of the entire show coming up tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. after the daytona 500 right here on ktvu channel 2. for more on the big parade and the lunar new year including a slide show be sure to go to our website
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and click on the chinese new year parade tab. more than two dozen people were injured when a race car went airborne at the daytona speed zone today. it broke into pieces and flew into the crowd. >> reporter: scary moments at daytona beach after a car crash occurred. several closely packed cars were jostling for position at top speed when they got tangled up. >> we transported 13 people off property and treated 14 people at our on track care center. we're in the process of repairing the facility and we'll be ready to go tomorrow. >> reporter: it was triggered when reagan smith lost control of his car on the track.
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several spectators got injured some seriously. the accident spread into the upper deck and emergency crews treated fans on both levels. >> this kind of racing produces close tight racing and that kind of stuff happens a lot on the last lap. i wasn't surprised. >> reporter: nascar officials are carefully examining the video and say an incident like this shows safety is ever evolving. >> we will review. >> reporter: stewart won the race but was in no mood, skipping the festivities. minutes after witnesses up loaded their cell phone video of the crash to you tube nascar had it blocked. it caused a fury between people who recorded it before it was blocked. nascar released a statement
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saying the video was blocked out of respect for the injured. later this evening, you tube reinstateed the video says it only pulled contract that infringes on copyrights. there are new developments on a developed shooting and crash. police have released a photo of the newly identified suspect and they've also located the vehicle they say was involved in the attack. police say this man, 26-year- old amar harris fired into a massaroti on thursday causing a crash. authorities say they also located the suspect vehicle today. this black range rover. a former san francisco resident who know lives in the complex where this suv was found says it's not easy for just anyone to drive into the area. >> it's a private condominium
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complex with gated security, uniformed nobody gets in here without permission from a homeowner or being an owner themselves. >> police say harris has an extensive criminal history, they are still searching for them tonight. in an emotional press conference in las vegas, cherry's father spoke out about the incident saying he wants to set the record straight about his son. >> my son was a victim. just like those two people in the taxi, okay. and i want the media to leave us alone. and let us mourn our 27-year- old son. >> reporter: cherry senior said because his son was black some assumed he was a criminal. but he said contrary to reports his son did not have a gun in his car. the oakland man said his son was in las vegas to make a career as a music promoter. the man who shot up a bus this morning in oakland is still on the lose tonight and surveillance video may help
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catch him. ktvu's deborah villalon how the ac transit driver and his passengers escaped, deborah. >> reporter: we're at 14th avenue and international boulevard, this is where the bus sped to safety after being fired on some 3 miles away. ktvu's camera was the only camera to capture the back window of this ac transit bus blown out by a bullet just after midnight. alameda county sheriff's provide security to the transit agency. the driver hired just seven months ago was found unhurt. he explained he had just let several teenagers off at international phráfd when one of them fired at least five shots at the bus pulling away -- boulevard when one of them fired at least five shots at the bus pulling away. >> the driver did what he was
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supposed to do. which was to get out of the area and protect the passengers. >> reporter: injuries may have been much worse on a crowded bus which is why investigators want to find the suspect who fired without season and warning. >> from what we can tell was unprovoked. nothing that we show was any kinds of a scuffle, argument anything that led up to this. ac transit says its buses have between six and eight cameras recording in and outside the vehicle and that it did get surveillance video from the bus that was hit. investigators will also check businesses from the attack from clues from their security systems. on occasion and on some routs, deputys have been assigned to tail buses to prevent robberies but this gun play seems completely random. >> obviously, if somebody wants to do something as stupid as this, we want to get them into custody. >> reporter: a spokesman for ac transit told me tonight the bus
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that was struck was drivable, expect for the shattered window. quickly replaced and that it is probably back on the road already. we're live in oakland, deborah villalon, ktva channel 2 news. san jose fire fishes say two men were badly hurt and one is in critical condition after an explosion at a san jose warehouse. crews responded to a building near first street around 9:00 a.m. a fire captain says three men were working on a electrical panel when it suddenly exploded. east bay rapper mc hammer is speaking out on twitter about his arrest in dublin for allegedly resisting an officer. we have just obin this booking photo of the 50-year- old. the alameda county sheriff's office says hammer was booked and released from santa rita jail thursday night. a police officer took him into custody at the hacienda crossing shopping center. today hammer wrote on twitter that an officer who he says
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looked like elvis tapped on his window and asked him if he was on parol and probation. hammer tweeted quote while i was handing him my id he reached into my car and tried to pull me out of my car. i was sited for obstruction. he said instead of being bitter, i am using this an eye opener for my many friends and colleagues. authorities say emergency crews were called out to whalers cove and 2:45 yesterday afternoon. when they arrived life guards were performing cpr on one of the divers. rescue crews used a boat to get to the second diver. police did not release their names or what may have caused their death. two families living the same night may have after a bay area couple vanishes in peru without a trace.
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walking through a grocery store and you kind of get people double takes. >> former noter dame linebacker manti teo speaking out again. what he says every nfl team is doing following that scandal involving his fake online girlfriend.
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the u.s. state the --
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department is now involved on the search for a couple. the couple was last seen in peru. >> reporter: they are a happy couple on the vacation of a lifetime. miles away from home they were never away more than a computer away from family and friends. the couple has chronicled their travels on facebook. but the photos and status updates stopped on january 25th. >> it's upsetting. you know i'm worried about both of them. >> reporter: jamie is on extended vacation from the peddler bike shop in el cebrante where she worked and put her bike together for the road trip. those bikes are ever present in their facebook photos. posts showed their traveled to
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argentina, chile and peru. one of jamie's last updates noted going to lima instead of machupichu. a security message warning americans of kidnapping threats around cusco. >> what kind of warning would they see while traveling, they are within the people. they're not watching the news. >> reporter: the state department put out this poster of the missing couple. >> my greatest hope is they return on schedule unharmed. >> reporter: the peddler bike shop put up a reward. it's at mechanics bank, so far they've raised $3,000. noelle walker. tonight we are hearing from jamie's sister. she says she is hopeful that the couple is okay but she fears something bad could have happened. >> i haven't seen a video of her since january 25th. so to me, anything could have happened since then, you know. i hope that she's just having a
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blast. and they are doing what they went to do, you know. >> the family say it is u.s. embassy in lima as well as peruvian police are helping look for the couple. a rock concert got under way just a few hours ago honoring a petaluma student. the 19-year-old died from hyperthermia after the new year's concert. palo alto police said a man wrestled a would be robber to the ground outside a busy parking garage before the thief ran away. the attempted robbery happened at 8:25 last night. the victim said the suspect was riding a brown cruiser bike when he suddenly stopped, pulled out a gun and demanded money. the victim said he grabbed the gunman's arm and tried to pull his gun away. the two men fell to the ground,
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fighting before the gunman ran away. he is described as a black man between 25 and 30 years old weighing between 160 and 170 pounds. a member of the 49ers practice squad was arrested this week on suspicion of driving under the influence. the highway patrol arrested defensiveline man al nether on wednesday in san jose. nether has not commented. the 49ers issued a statement saying in part, we will continue to gather the facts and monitor the developments closely. oscar pistorious is with his family tonight. he is charged with the murder of his girlfriend reeva steamcamp. today her father told a newscast that pistorious will suffer alone if he lied about his daughter's death. pistoriuos has said that he
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thought he was shooting at an intruder. and manti teo says that every nfl team that he's spoke to has asked him about the fake girlfriend scandal. >> i think i've answered everything i could. for me i would really like to talk about football. >> reporter: the hoax became national news because teo's supposed girlfriend died in mid- season inspireing the linebacker to play in her honor. the story was a big part of his effort to try to win thheisman trophy. today president obama warned of the grim impact of federal cuts. if congress doesn't stop the sequester from taking effect next friday. >> thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. and parents will scramble to find care for their kids. airports will see set backs
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causing delays for the country. >> the president has asked congress to replace them with cuts and reform. but house republicans say they will not vote on any plan that will raise taxes. if no deal is reached, 70,000 children could lose access to the head start program. many day care centers may have to close earlier this school year and starlet -- start later in the fall. 13 seniors are waiting to find out if they will be kicked out of their homes. the building was foreclosed in november and the attorney for the former operator of the facility says the state has ordered the operator to remove the residents but the new operator says they are trying to keep the current residents in their home. >> they're caught in the middle. many of them have moved out already. what we have here is some residents who would really like to stay here. >> reporter: a representative for the new facility operator
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age song says they have meeting with the state on monday in hopes of getting an emergency license that would allow them to take over the facility. happening now, giving you a live look at new york city which is under a winter weather advisory. in fact, the advisory remains in effect across much of the northeast until tomorrow morning. this live picture, the streets of new york a little slick. new york could experience freezing rain as this storm moves across the region with boston and portland likely to see heavy snowfall any where from five to 9-inches and this snowstorm snarled travel in the midwest. but one airline captain he went above and beyond to try to make his passengers comfortable. >> reporter: united express captain billy hawk he played the piano for those stranded travelers at lambert st. louis airport. the snow was good news for farmers in kansas where the snow dumped 14-inches in great bend. it would have been great to
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have another foot. we need all the moisture we can get. this kind of moisture is wonderful for the wheat. crews worked quickly in boston trying to fill all those potholes before the next round of freezing temperatures and snow. not for the faint of heart. the way one man plans to celebrate his birthday. >> and as the pope gets ready for sunday prayer, we will tell you about the new controversy surrounding the catholic church and how some say it led to the pope's resignation. and you will not believe the near by company that's blamed for starting this blaze. a few high clouds. coming up, how much warming you can expect for your sunday and we'll let you know if we have any rain clouds in your five day forecast. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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pope benedict xvi is scheduled tomorrow to give his
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final prayer. today he came out to spray with the cardinals. meantime the italian media the reporting that the pope's resignation is based on the latest allegations. the vatican today slammed the media for what it calls defamatory falsified reports. in los angeles, cardinal roger mahoney was unflappable as he answered questions under oath today. he was deposed for nearly 3-1/2 hours about his handling of clergy sex abuse cases during his time as los angeles arch bishop. church documents have suggested that mahoney knew priests were sexually abusing children but went out of his way to shield
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arrest. today french president said france is engaged in the final phase of the fight against militants who are believed to be hiding in a mountainous area. troops from neighboring african nations are scheduled to move in. take a look at this blaze in a fireworks warehouse in china. firefighters say the fire started in a candle company on the third floor of the building then spread down to the ground floor where the fireworks are stored. firefighters say it took about four hours to put out the flames. the good news no one was injured. freezing, hold for five seconds. in hong kong, 101-year-old runner chasting says tomorrow he will run his last competitive race. just two months shy of his 102nd birthday, ching is planning to take part of the 10-
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kilometer leg. sing ran his first marathon at the age of 92 following the death of his wife and son. singh says he does not intend to give up running for fun. u.s. and mexican authorities have shut down a tunnel. the opening was in mexico just west of the nogales port of entry and extended five miles into u.s. territory. authorities believe this tunnel was going to be used by drug smugglers. authorities have arrested a man they found digging the route. police say they have public support and president obama should move forward with the construction of a controversial oil pipeline across the canadian border. the keystone pipeline would pump oil from canada's tar sands in alberta to the gulf of mexico for refining. the obama administration rejected a permit for the line a year ago because an alternate rout through nebraska was still
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undecided. republicans want the project to move forward. >> a harris poll released just last year, uncovered that americans support the pipeline. well it was an unusual saturday traffic jam on the peninsula. the reason all these drivers were lined up in east palo alto and why police were there to meet them. one last attempt to save the drakes bay oyster company. what the supporters of the beloved landmark did for 24 hours. we are all reflections of
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the people who came before us. the good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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police departments in palo alto, east palo alto and menlo park all joined forces for a gun buy back program today.
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as ktvu's allie ramuss tell us, the event was supposed to last four hours but because it was so popular, they had to extend the hours. >> i don't ever used guns any way, so just trying to do a good dead. >> reporter: officers hauled away armloads of rifles. gun owners could get $300 in cash depending on the weapon they turned in. >> if gun control advocates want to give me 100 bucks for something that's collecting dust, that's all right with me. >> reporter: authorities recovered 111 handguns, 227 rifles and 11 assault weapons. >> when people are bringing in these guns it will contribute to the reduction of violence and that is our goal. >> reporter: protect our kids donated $50,000 to fund the program. they want to study the results
10:33 pm
to find out how effective gun buy backs are in reducing crime. son gun owners were skeptical. >> i feel it's probably a small margin of people who actually are going to be causing issues with the guns. if you look back there, i don't think a lot of those people are the people causing trouble. >> reporter: other gun owners disagree. >> what if someone were to break into my house, taking my gun, they would use it. >> reporter: for some people in line, getting their guns out of their home gave them piece of m ind -- peace of mind and money in their pocket. in in palo alto, gun control advocates rallied for stricter regulation. spier said an average of 32 americans die each day because
10:34 pm
of gun violence. >> that's the equivalent of psi lens going on every single day in this country. the gun violence has so taken over this country and we don't even comprehend it. >> the congresswoman says she supports a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines as well as universal background checks. meantime investigators in bay point are searching for clues following a shooting this morning near a mcdonalds restaurant. it happened near the intersection of mims avenue and canal road. one man was shot in the leg, his injuries are nonlife threatening and so far there's been no arrests. a 24 hour vigil in support of workers at the drakes oyster company ended just a few hours ago. that vigil began at 6:45 last night at the sacred heart church and it went through the night and ended at 6:45 this evening. organizers said they prayed for the 31 employees who could lose their job s if the company is forced to shut down next month. now this closure comes after the department of the interior
10:35 pm
refused to renew drake's oyster least so it could welcome the a sanctuary facility. in the city's glen park neighborhood a volunteer tweeted this picture of 22 bags of trash and a broken head board that was collected this morning. taking the plunge. >> run. >> cold waters could not keep all of these folks out of san francisco bay. the good cause they raised hundreds of thousands of the dollars for. >> the water may be chilly but temperatures outside are on the rise. a live picture of san francisco city hall. mark tamayo is next with just how warm the weather is going to get. >> and a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go right on your cell phone. just download the ktvu app, click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live. be connected any time, any where.
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some parties souls willingly jumped into the bay. the sixth annual polar plunged raised $650,000 for special olympics northern california. all that money will go to support athlete training in upcoming games. even san francisco's police chief took the plunge. >> you have 1,000 people here who are winners to boot. talk about having your heart in the right place. >> john sasaki and mark tamayo were among those who braved the
10:39 pm
fridge water. and mark you described it as a refreshing 50 degrees. >> not cold but nice. and i was looking at the pictures and i didn't see mark tamayo there but we will take his word for it. >> yeah, i was there. i went in and out so fast they did not get it on camera. temperatures dropping quite rapidly. right now on storm tracker 2, we have a few partly cloudy observations out there. current temperatures are in the 40s in the coolest spots. santa rosa right now checking in 43. san jose 48 degrees in downtown san francisco in the lower 50s. winds were really up today if you're looking up toward the bay waters or out in the pacific. a lot of chop because we had some strong west northwesterly wind. we have a wind out of the north at 15 miles per hour. that's why that arrow is coming
10:40 pm
in north to south. still a bit of a breeze in parts of the region. clear and breezy tomorrow. cold start to the day but lots of sunshine. and the extended no rain clouds showing up on our five day forecast. temperatures will be trending up over the next few days. as far as overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning coolest locations will be freezing out toward santa rosa, napa, san francisco 45. san jose starts out the morning hours in the upper 30s at 39. this area of low pressure produced a few sprinkles very early this morning. not everywhere but the few isolate sprinkles out there. this is moving out of town and as a result we're going to cool things off. as the system moves out we'll take a look at the calendar as we wrap up the last week of february. and we will be dry as high pressure rebuilds. we could be talking about a few neighborhood approaching the 70- degree mark. that's how much warmer we were talking about in the long range. no significant storms.
10:41 pm
no storms showing up on the five day forecast. here's a bigger picture showing you the cloud cover and projected rainfall. of course we're dry tomorrow. we'll take this into tuesday. we're still dry, notice some rain out here in the pacific. it's all headed to our north for wednesday, thursday and a few extra clouds as we head into the weekend. still no significant rainfall. that could all be changes but that's how it looks at this point. as far as forecast highs tomorrow, temperatures recover nicely upper 50s to the low to mid-60s. santa rosa 65 degrees. hayward 63 and oakland at 64. these numbers will check in about 3:00 for your sunday afternoon. some lower 60s out toward pleasanton, half-moon bay 69. winds approaching 10 to 15 miles per hour for the afternoon hours. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast and into your monday. we'll shave off just a few degrees but these were all minor changes. some patchy morning fogs for tuesday and wednesday. and by thursday, temperatures back up into the upper 60s as
10:42 pm
we said hello to march 1st we could be talking about a few neighborhoods right about 70 degrees. so we could use the rainfall but nothing showing up just yet. in fact, quite the opposite with the mild temperatures. >> it is very nice out there. >> yeah, and tomorrow you will feel that noticeable change for today. >> it was nice to go swimming in the bay. >> almost. well for me any way. >> thanks, mark. some of the brightest young students in san francisco were chilling out today as part of the city's 31st annual science fair. >> can you all hear that? >> it sounds like it's boiling yes. >> it's actually a demonstration of liquid nitrogen. that's what kicked off the event. about 600 students submitted their experiment for judging. >> my favorite category is the behavioral sciences. because we have students doing social experiments, and
10:43 pm
experiments on animals. they get really creative with these projects. >> the winners go on to the bay area science fair. >> and it was a thrill filled sunday. >> joe fonzi in sports wrap next.
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